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RES Distant Learning Plan - 4/2/2020

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, RES will begin distributing our learning packets and information to our population of students/parents/guardians from the school. Please see below for the schedule for next week as we have MULTIPLE events going on next week.

WEEK #1 will be Tuesday, April 7, 2020 - Monday, April 13, 2020:
ALL students will be provided with a learning packet on TUESDAY, April 7th to be picked up by parents/grandparents/guardians/etc. The packet will have YOUR CHILD’s name, grade, and teacher on it with a label. It will also have the dates of assignments by the week.
These packets may be picked up on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. in curbside style. This means that we will be handing you your child(ren)’s materials through your vehicle window. You are NOT ALLOWED out of your vehicle or in the building as safety precautions. Any packets not picked up during curbside service will be left in front of the building in storage tubs for you to get by grade level. This is the only time locker/desk items will be handed out until summer or when school resumes next year.
All items from student’s desks/lockers will be packaged up and hand delivered curbside to your vehicle windows on TUESDAY, April 7th as well from 9-11:00 a.m.
Each learning packet will have one week's worth of assignments included. This packet will need to be completed and returned the next week. Per the State Department and District continuity plan, this work will be graded and placed on INOW for the 4th Nine Weeks grading period. If you do not turn in work, you will be contacted by your child’s teacher to see when we can expect the completed work returned so we can place their grades into INOW (grading system). Student's grades will suffer if work is not returned. Please make sure to include all paperwork and make sure your child’s name is on everything in the packet.
Therefore, the next week, you will be dropping off completed work learning packet and will pick up the new learning packet of work on TUESDAYS of every week. We will only have curbside the first week and then it will be up to parents to pick up sometime on TUESDAYS thereafter. They will be placed in bins labeled by grade level….one for DROP OFF, one for PICK UP for each grade. PLEASE make sure you get the correct packet when picking up as each child has a specific package with their name on it.
If you have any items to return to RES (library books), you can bring those items with you on TUESDAY, April 7th or Wednesday, April 8th.

WEDNESDAY, April 8th will be pick up day for GIFT SALE/COOKIE DOUGH and MEDICATIONS. THIS IS THE ONLY DAY we will have for pickup of these items so PLEASE make arrangements for 11:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. to pick up on that date. This will also be CURBSIDE. NO ONE will be allowed in the building or out of their cars in accordance with social distancing guidelines placed on the State of Alabama.

Please know that we are ALL here for you and at your disposal should you need us. Our web page has our emails, but they are usually last namefirstinitial@bibbed.org. Ex. careyl@bibbed.org (Louise Carey, Principal) Please don’t hesitate to contact us. I have asked all teachers to be in contact with you via “REMIND” text and phone calls, so PLEASE sign up for this as directed by your child’s teacher and give us good cell phone numbers where you can be reached. We look forward to having open communication between home and school, and thank you in advance for all your hard work and dedication in working with us to help our children to continue to learn and gain knowledge in a new distant learning way!!  We love you!

Bless you sincerely,
Louise S. Carey