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News from Superintendent, Duane McGee 3-31-2020

Bibb County Schools
7 hrs

Tuesday 3/31/2020 Updates

Medications Pickup
Any medications still remaining at your child's school may be retrieved via curbside pickup on Wednesday, April 8 between 11:00 - 1:00 in front of the school.

Personal Items
School principals will set their dates and times for personal items curbside pickup. Please check with each school's website or social media page for this information.

In preparation for next week's launch of our "Learning at Home" program, the employees of Bibb County Schools are still required to adhere to and maintain strict social distancing and group size limitations. As such, principals have created daily schedules with designated days and times, and rotating shifts for teachers to access their classrooms and copier machines. It is a challenge, but we expect our employs to continue to protect their own personal health while preparing lessons and assignments for our students. Teachers are encouraged to remain and work at home to the greatest extent possible.

Due to the limited broadband internet access available across our county, many students will be receiving assignments through learning packets. However, those parents who have reliable internet and request for virtual learning options can be likewise accommodated.

Our directive from the Alabama State Department of Education is to focus entirely on critical content standards in our core curriculum required courses: Math, Reading and Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science in grades K-8; and also other graduation requirement courses for grades 9-12, such as Career Preparedness, Health Education, Life PE, and the Arts/Career Tech/ World Languages courses. Elective Courses will be considered completed at the end of the 3rd nine weeks, unless the student wishes to continue the course with additional assignments in order to achieve a passing grade. Please contact your teacher if that is the case.

One encouraging thought is that most teachers pace their course standards for completion leading up to spring testing in mid-to-late April, so there may not be as many of the critical standards remaining for teachers to cover from here until the end of May. Regardless, all assignments should be directly related to the critical standards as defined by the ALSDE. Teachers will assign lessons to cover these critical standards, and these standards only, including any previously taught standards that classroom data would indicate as still an overall weakness.

Students will receive a 4th nine-weeks grade for all assigned work between April 6 and the end of May. All students in grades 7-12 will be EXEMPT from final exams.

We will either mail out 3rd nine-week report cards, or include them in your packet pickups.

Teachers, while working from home, will be available and required to maintain communications and provide help and technical guidance and reinforcement for students and parents.

In general, students should be assigned no more than 2-3 hours TOTAL per day of coursework, or around 15 hours per week. We fully understand that many parents are still working, and we're all just a little nervous, anxious, and scared about what's happening in our community and world right now. There is a balance somewhere between meaningful and practical, and overwhelming and ridiculous. Our aim is to be meaningful and practical in our coursework assignments, with somewhere between 2-3 total hours per day of engagement for the average student.

Your teachers and schools will provide information in the coming days regarding packet pickups and return dates. Generally, we would expect teachers to make weekly assignment packets, with pickup and returns scheduled on the same days. However, multiple week assignments might work for middle and high school portfolio or project-based assignments; and teachers may also make several individual weekly packets for pickup and ask that they be returned as completed.

Although the ALSDE and Governor have stated that school closure will last until June 5, we have been given the option for setting our own last day. We may ask our local board to declare Friday, May 29 as the end of our semester. If that decision is made, we will pass along that information.

We continue to appreciate your support and patience in this transition to the school closure and home-based education. As many have said, we are building the bridge as we walk across it... or flying the airplane as we build it. There are other metaphors, I'm sure. Either way, it is important to remember that we are all in this together, and we will all come through this together.


Duane McGee, Superintendent